When Worlds Collide!

What happens when the worlds of Jazz and Funk collide? JUNK!

The Junk Heros of SPOT assemble to harness the chaos and bring it to the stage.



Deep inside the secret Fortress of Junk, located somewhere in North East Florida the elite members of SPOT stand ready to lay down some Jazz infused Funk whenever they are called upon.

See the Junk Heros:

Mike Dillon band & SPOT

1904 Music hall

19 N Ocean St, Jacksonville, FL

January 30th, 7 PM

1904 Music Hall

19 N Ocean St, Jacksonville, FL

April 9th, 8-10PM

Stay Tuned for more info

The Alley by AIBC

316 Centre St, Fernandina Beach, FL

April 23rd, 5-9PM

Admission is FREE!


JUNE 24th, 6PM

Stay Tuned for more info

blue jay listening room

2457 3rd St S, Jacksonville

More info coming soon!

Big thanks to the Roosevelt Collier Band

SPOT had an blast opening for them at the 1904 Music Hall.

Meet the Junk Heros:

Shawn “Country Pfunk” Pfaffman

The mild-mannered leader of team SPOT. When the call goes out Shawn summons the other heros and leads them into battle with his mezmerizing organ powers.

Paul “The Octopus” Griffin

When SPOT takes the stage you’ll always find Paul with eight drum sticks, manning the battle drums and laying the beat that the other members rally around. 

Evan “The Kid” Sinclaire

“Who’s this kid on stage?”, is the last thing the crowd thinks before Evan melts their brains with his blazing guitar axe. Don’t let the age fool you, He’s got chops for days.

(special guest) Juan “The Matador” Rollan

Juan rages into battle with his horns sharpened. Soulful jazz and fantastic funk are just two of the special powers Juan brings to the stage. He’s also not allowed in china shops.

Daily Trumpet News Clips:

Call on SPOT!

Is your event in trouble!? SPOT stands ready to fly in and aDd some JUNK. Pick up the emergency phone and give us a call:


EMAIL: spotorgantrio@gmail.com